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Brand Labs

The Brand Labs system was developed for small and medium sized businesses with limited budgets, giving them access to business tools once only available to larger companies. However, over the years we have discovered a secondary benefit to our clients. The do-it-yourself process has shown to be more effective and enriching for businesses due to the hands on experience over companies that hire out the work. Therefore, this is a process that can benefit larger companies as well.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Brand Labs is prepared to get you there… in ways, you didn't know existed. The consumer-brand relationship has changed. A brand is not just a fancy logo, tagline, or catch phrase. Today's consumers expect more from the companies they do business with than ever before. Have you been listening? Can you execute their wants and needs through your brand story? Is it the one they want to hear? Brand Labs holds the key to discovering THAT story and building the connection, the right way.
Brand Labs is a unique do-it-yourself brand strategy development system that is based on an industry proven process developed at Watson Creative, a premier design and creative agency in Portland, OR. This process has been used successfully, time and time again in nearly every industry. In the four module system, you complete a brand audit to assess your current position in the marketplace; dive deep into consumer research to better understand your ideal client and their journey to your doorstep; create your brand story that will set you apart from your competition; and develop a one year marketing plan for implementing your new, or revised, vision. Go at your own pace and customize as you see fit.

Many companies struggle with separating themselves from their competitors and being consistent in their public image. Brand Labs brings it all together. Stop struggling. And start thriving.

Nat Bockmann
240 N. Broadway, Suite 012
Portland, OR 97227

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