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Fairway Independent mortgage

My path to the Mortgage industry was not your ordinary way into the industry. I am a former Professional MMA Fighter and Gym Owner, I went in to deliver some tickets to my good friend who owned his Real Estate company asked him “How’s Business” he responded “bad today” because he had just lost his ISA (Internal Sales Associate) I had just cancelled my day classes so was free to dial some leads since I  learned to dial leads years ago when I sold Life insurance. I spent a few days with the outgoing ISA and the next thing you know I am referring hot leads to agents left and right, the plan was to get my Real Estate license but they had gotten slower during the holiday season so had to temporarily lay me off, I was fine with that because I was 3 weeks from another fight and training camp was getting brutal. After the fight they were still slow so my friend told me his wife needed someone to do what I was doing just on the lending side, I started dialing leads for her consistently referring Buyers. I met with her after a few months of this asking her what the future holds in the loan business, she told me what my income could be so I got licensed and the rest is history. I believe the thing that sets me apart from my competitors is the way I communicate, keeping the client up to speed on what is happening in the loan process from beginning to end is imperative. I am also always available for a phone call, text or email 7 days a week and Evenings, if I don’t answer it means I’m in the gym and I will get right back!

Jason Pittman

920 SW 6th Ave., Suite 1200

Portland, OR 97204

Direct: 503-250-2443

Office: 503-765-1424

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