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To discover if the MBA is right for you, attend a luncheon as our guest.  You can either be invited by an existing member (sponsor) or contact the MBA Executive Director to make arrangements.  To become a member, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be the principal business owner, COO or key decision maker for your organization.
  • Your business' main product or service category must be open (check the list of Open Business Categories to find out).  If your business category is already taken, ask your sponsor to notify you when the category becomes open, or contact the MBA Executive Director to be placed on a “waiting list.”
  • You must have a sponsor. If you do not already have a sponsor, contact the MBA Executive Director to have one assigned and to request an application form. Complete and return the MBA Membership Application along with the required initiation fee.
  • You must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Board will review your application to determine fit and to ensure there is no overlap of your business product or service with an existing member.  Once approved by the Board, your application is submitted to the membership for a 5-day notification.
  • Once approved, you will be notified by the MBA Executive Director. Your sponsor will then introduce you at a General Luncheon event, at which time you will begin your association with successful local business owners.
  • To remain a member in good standing, dues must be paid in a timely fashion, and attendance at most events is expected.  Regular attendance provides the most benefit from membership in the shortest amount of time.

A Message from the Membership Chair

“Since 1974 Metropolitan Business Association has been the place for businesses to connect and grow. Comprised of owners/ operators, CEO's and Presidents of a wide variety of business types, the MBA meetings give you the inside track to decision makers. Join us and meet the people that will take your company to the next level in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.”

-Verena Lewandowski, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Membership Chair

Testimonials on the Value of MBA Membership

"There is no substitute for a team of peers. Developing relationships with other business owners and having these resources to bounce ideas and problems off of is invaluable.”

-Ty Johnson, PureSpace

"I have had the privilege of working with nearly every member of the organization in various forms. My partnership with Squires Electric and Landscape East and West has been paramount to the success of my business. It’s always refreshing to be able to pick up the phone and be a priority when services are needed. We share a mutual respect and support each other in our daily businesses.”

-Jim Wilburn, Orlando Construction

"The MBA has been the most beneficial investment in my company. Between Squires Electric and Axia Home Loans, it’s an endless possibility for resources. Mike Taylor with AAA Auto just helped me purchase a Subaru, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had with vehicle buying."

-Josh Haak, HD Property Improvements

"I Just want to thank One Up Solutions for referring a large opportunity to me here at PNT.  One Up provides IT support for a 5 location nursery and landscaping company in the Portland area that was interested in upgrading their phone system to Voice over IP.  This deal was for over 80 phones and it was my largest opportunity since joining the MBA.  Dave Chapman of One Up really helped me position the opportunity and helped with IT support during the install. It also saved the customer over $30,000 annually to make the change. 

Good deal for all involved! Dave and One Up are great to work with!!"

-John Bogaty, Pacific Northwest Telco, Inc.

"Brown/Armstrong was one of the founding members of the MBA back in 1974 and has never looked back.  I have been personally involved in the MBA for the past 10 years or so and have served in many board positions as well as on committees.  I enjoy my interactions with other MBA professionals and have gained valuable knowledge and insight from many of them.  The leads and referrals from fellow MBA members have been invaluable.  The membership commitments are low pressure and quite enjoyable.  And I’ve benefited from some lasting friendships as well.  You really can’t compare the MBA to any other networking group.  It truly is one-of-a-kind."

-Tonya S. Bennett, CPA, Brown/Armstrong, A Professional Corporation

"When I became a member of the Metropolitan Business Association in 2014, I had just started my career in sales/sales management. Having recently transitioned into management from being a field technician, I felt out of my element in my new role. The business owners and representatives in the membership quickly made me feel comfortable and were ready to offer advice to me. The group was invaluable to my personal growth in my new position and in creating a network of resources for me.

Since then, my client list has flourished and I have an incredible pool of vendors that are not only the best in their industries, but are also personally invested in the relationships we have made through this organization.

I have honestly never been a part of any other networking group, but from what I have heard from my colleagues, I don’t know if I would have thrived in an environment of strict lead requirements and hollow solicitations. At the MBA, everyone is working together to cultivate meaningful business partnerships and quality referrals.

I would recommend the MBA to those who may not like the impersonal nature of other networking groups, anyone who values building relationships to further their businesses, and those seeking a full range of resources to become the best possible provider to their customers."

-Erin Huffard, Senior Estimator, Squires Electric, Inc.

"I was invited to join the MBA in 1999, and it has been the best business decision KBNP Radio has made. The MBA has connected our Business/Financial radio format to business owners and key-decision makers who have not only become suppliers to services we use, but connected us with a first-hand, first-name contact with reliable professionals I do not hesitate on recommending to my family, friends and fellow-business owners.

As a source organization for best business practices, leads/referrals and direct business - I invite any Portland/Vancouver area business to consider membership - if your specific business category is available."

                                                                                                                                          -Keith Lyons, KBNP Radio (

"I have found the MBA to be a crucial part of my annual business planning. I review the time and monies spent versus the return on investment. Each year, I continue to find the value of my membership based on the business closed, connections and introductions made. There is definitely a time commitment component on my part to participate in events, serve on boards and go to luncheons. The time versus reward makes the participation worthwhile."

-Tracy Maltby, Wells Fargo Advisors

I joined MBA in December 1998 when I purchased ONeill transfer.  The O'Neill family where members the prior 7-8 years? Over the years we have received some great moves and referrals from fellow members and made some great friends as well. There all go to businesses for whatever you may need.  I would highly recommend and any person who is interested can call me to discuss further.

-Bradley Boland Sr., O-Neill Transfer and Storage Co Inc.

"Collaborating with other business owners has helped me grow over the years and become more confident as an owner.  The members have been a great resource in starting and running our business. In addition to the business we have received, I feel confident in referring friends and clients to the other MBA members."

-Christina Noel, S2 Imaging

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