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To discover if the MBA is right for you, attend a luncheon as our guest.  You can either be invited by an existing member (sponsor) or contact the MBA Executive Director to make arrangements.  To become a member, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be the principal business owner, COO or key decision maker for your organization.
  • Your business' main product or service category must be open (check the list of Open Business Categories to find out).  If your business category is already taken, ask your sponsor to notify you when the category becomes open, or contact the MBA Executive Director to be placed on a “waiting list.”
  • You must have a sponsor. If you do not already have a sponsor, contact the MBA Executive Director to have one assigned and to request an application form. Complete and return the MBA Membership Application along with the required initiation fee.
  • You must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Board will review your application to determine fit and to ensure there is no overlap of your business product or service with an existing member.  Once approved by the Board, your application is submitted to the membership for a 5-day notification.
  • Once approved, you will be notified by the MBA Executive Director. Your sponsor will then introduce you at a General Luncheon event, at which time you will begin your association with successful local business owners.
  • To remain a member in good standing, dues must be paid in a timely fashion, and attendance at most events is expected.  Regular attendance provides the most benefit from membership in the shortest amount of time.

A Message from the Membership Chair

“Since 1974 Metropolitan Business Association has been the place for businesses to connect and grow. Comprised of owners/ operators, CEO's and Presidents of a wide variety of business types, the MBA meetings give you the inside track to decision makers. Join us and meet the people that will take your company to the next level in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.”

-Verena Lewandowski, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Membership Chair

Testimonials on the Value of MBA Membership

"MBA has provided MARCO with a business network of REAL people for over 10 years.   Members are personable and diverse and mutual respect is evident.  The Executive Director keeps volunteer committee work to a minimum.  MBA has allowed me to grow my business in a fun and profitable way!"

-Nancy Gudekunst, MARCO Ideas Unlimited (

“Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being a member of the MBA is in the knowledge that the goods and services provided by fellow members will always be priced fairly and the products and services received will always be of top quality.  It’s like we’re family and take good care of each other.”

-Ron Gayer, Atlas Financial Services

“The MBA has been an invaluable marketing and management resource since my 1st year of membership in 1998.  One of our customers introduced me to the MBA and I have not been disappointed.  Not only do members use our services, they also refer customers, business partners, vendors, etc.  From a revenue perspective, those referrals and intertrades have contributed nicely to our revenue stream.

In addition to receiving business, I have every confidence in referring customers to other members.  I am able to send even my most demanding customer to other members because I know they have the same values in service and integrity that I do.  Additionally, the members have been an important resource in running my business. I have gotten very practical advice on important and mundane business matters.

So, if you are looking for a terrific business organization that returns surefire benefits, please look at the MBA, either as a member or as a user of services.  And, the membership is a fun-loving, spirited group that keeps me laughing and enthused.”

-Nancy Browning, S2 Imaging + PDQ Signs

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