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About Us

MBA Mission Statement

To create a dynamic opportunity for select business leaders to increase sales and profitability

History of the MBA

The MBA was founded in 1974 by a group of business owners and leaders in the Portland community who were looking to expand their own businesses.  Their plan was to market to each other’s business and to share business contacts and sales leads.  Only one member per business category was allowed, thus avoiding many competitive sales situations which can occur in other business groups.   Membership was by invitation only.  The founders also felt it was critical to have the MBA participant be the owner or local manager, someone with decision making authority.  By working and networking with other professionals who had key decision making and purchasing authority, members could experience “the inside track” on business opportunities.  Today, the mission remains to grow local business through personal referrals and direct business and to share knowledge with colleagues and friends.

Our Continued Purpose

The MBA currently maintains the original intent of its founders.  It is an active business networking group comprised of business owners, COO’s, CFO’s, local managers and key decision makers with a focus on doing business with each other but, more importantly, sharing information about potential business leads and referrals to help increase sales and profitability for each member.

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