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Metropolitan Business Association

The Metropolitan Business Association was founded in 1974 as an association of leading Portland area business owners/operators, CEOs and COOs, in a wide variety of categories, for the purpose of development and exchange of business, referrals and leads.

Membership is by invitation from a current member, and is limited to one firm per category. Each firm may have, in addition to the primary member, up to two associate members, who must also be key decision makers.

Membership provides business enhancement/networking opportunities; a resource for quality goods and services; a forum to get to know business owners/managers and professionals of Portland’s leading businesses and firms, many in fields outside your own that you otherwise may not otherwise know; an inside track on important business activity in the community; an opportunity to hear from diversified speakers who provide educational opportunities; enjoyable social exchange.

Jocelyn Jester, Executive Administrator
2705 E Burnside, Suite 212
Portland, Oregon 97214

As part of the Portland media, KBNP Radio is often invited to join countless civic and business organizations. Over the past 17 years, I have found one such organization that stands above the rest, the Metropolitan Business Association. It is more attached to its entire membership's success by fostering business-to-business transactions between owners, managers, and key-decision makers rather than those "sales representatives and account managers" who belong to Chamber groups - and are there only to sell you something instead of building solid business relationships.
Keith Lyons
KBNP Radio

We have been members of the MBA for almost 10 years - our membership dues have been a very cost effective marketing expense. We have received countless opportunities from the membership but more importantly, the membership has confidence to refer business outside the organization to us. And, when we are in need of counsel on an issue that a member has expertise in, we don't hesitate to call and get professional, well-balanced advise. The MBA is an incredible resource, both for us and our customers!!!
Christina Noel
S2 Imaging

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