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AAA Oregon AutoSource

AAA Autosource LogoWhen you think of AAA, you probably think of maps and directions and emergency roadside assistance, but did you know that AAA also offers a car buying service? Mike Taylor, a proud native of Portland, brings a life long passion as a true "car nut" plus over 40 years in the car business in combination with AAA's famous reputation to provide a true alternative to the car buying experience.

Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor
600 SW Market Street
Portland, Oregon 97201
Direct: (503) 219-6219
Cell: (503) 970-1571
Office: (503) 230-1300


Mike Taylor of AAA Automotive totally hooked me up! My wife’s car had a serious problem, and it was going to cost $1,500 to repair. Mike delivered a new Toyota Highlander to test drive, and he took my car to a repair shop to get fixed. The cost to repair was $500, and we got a car to use (test drive) while it was in the shop. We will be buying a car from Mike soon!

John Bogaty, Pacific Northwest Telco

Mike Taylor of AAA Oregon Autosource is the easy answer to buying your next vehicle! You don't need to worry about getting the best deal on any make or model, new or used. And you can be assured of superior service, even after the sale! I can't say enough good things about his work. Call him and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy car buying can be.

Nancy Gudekunst, MARCO Ideas Unlimited

Mike Taylor happily promotes himself as "The Car Guy." 
Good thing...because he is NOT A CAR SALESMAN!
My wife and I recently purchased our latest new vehicle thru AAA AutoSource and Mike - and it was pure joy. From him coming to my offices to assess the value of our trade-in and sale, providing a complete review of several vehicles we were considering, giving his professional background assessment from our use of the vehicle, how we drive, comfort needs, maintenance and fuel economy on each, to custom ordering and personally delivering the SUV to our home...he not only offered, but delivers "white glove" service.
He programmed our phones, garage access (and even corrected Teri's LEXUS mapping concerns), and the paperwork was done in less than an hour in our home.
Whether you are a AAA member or not, if you have any questions about any vehicle, or considering buying/leasing or selling one - I give 100% support to Mike and will gladly talk with anyone who has questions about working directly with him.

Keith Lyons, KBNP Radio

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