Maximilian Consulting

Maximilian Consulting logoFounded in 2015, Maximilian Consulting is a consulting firm built on the idea that the best answer isn't always the easy one - and the best answer comes from partnering with companies to find a solution together. We all want to use our time efficiently, and  that's why we focus on providing high value - not just high volume - service. Instead of trying to bring you on for a full-time engagement, we'll take a look at your problem together and find the smartest solution available. When it comes down to it, we think we can do more in less time, which is better for your bottom line, and we think we can do it better because we have the track record to prove it.

Erik Maximilian Gordon is the founder of Maximilian Consulting. An experienced business process engineer, Erik has gained broad experience working across multiple industries to help bring better processes to companies no matter what business they are in.

Erik Gordon photoErik M. Gordon

707 SW Broadway St, Ste 1100
Portland, OR 97205