D & F Plumbing Co.

DF-Plumbing-Logo-tall-1President Sandi Warren is the third generation in her family to join D&F Plumbing. She joined her father in the business 17 years ago. D&F Plumbing provides service, repair and remodel on commercial and residential jobs. 5-10% of the company’s work is new construction.

Sandi_WarrenSandi Warren, President

4636 N Albina Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217


 I recently discovered a puddle of water under our 12 yr. old home water heater. Fearing the worst, I called D&F Plumbing and left an after-hours message that I thought I needed semi-urgent help. At 7:00 AM the next morning, they called to hear my tale of woe. To make a long story short, by Friday evening I had a new water heater online and no problems! Very fast, efficient, courteous, professional and in the best MBA tradition. I will certainly recommend D&F Plumbing to anyone who needs a plumber!

Bill Prendergast